GLAS 2022
8th Immenhausen Glass Award

Competition on Contemporary Glass Art in Germany

21 May – 17 September 2022

Patron: Angela Dorn, Hessian Minister for Science and Art

The year 2022 is a special one: it has been declared the Year of Glass by the UN (United Nations). The “Society of Friends of the Art of Glass Richard Süßmuth e. V.” can look back on 40 years of commitment to the glass museum in 2022, and the Immenhausen Glass Museum itself was opened 35 years ago.

To mark these anniversaries, the town of Immenhausen and the museum association are continuing a tradition that began in 2000 with the announcement of the 8th Immenhausen Glass Award. At that time, an exhibition was organised to provide an overview of current glass art in Germany. Following its success and the encouragement it received from visitors, artists and experts, this exhibition series developed into a nationally and internationally acclaimed project.

Under the patronage of the Hessian Minister for Science and Art, Angela Dorn, the exhibition “GLAS 2022” will now be the eighth time that the Immenhausen Glass Prize has been awarded.

The aim of the exhibition is once again to provide an overview of the range of artists currently working with glass in Germany and to demonstrate the diverse design possibilities of this fascinating material. The aim is not only to present prominent names, but also to deliberately appeal to young, hitherto lesser-known glass designers to present their work to a broad public.

The conditions for the competition stipulate that the objects must have been created after 2019, the year of the last glass award, and have not yet been shown at a public exhibition. The Corona pandemic that has been going on since 2020 has not made it easy for many glassmakers in their work. The currently still difficult situation is reflected in numerous objects. Nevertheless, 60 artists applied again and presented themselves with 100 objects to the jury and the public.

The exhibition represents a highlight in the International Year of Glass and makes clear the special nature of this material, which on the one hand is so commonplace that it is hardly noticed, but on the other hand allows for the extraordinary, especially in art. A visit to the exhibition gives an impression of the diverse German glass scene and hopefully arouses curiosity for further discoveries that glass art offers at home and abroad.

The award ceremony will take place during the finissage on 17 September 2022. A catalogue will be published to accompany the exhibition.

Participating glass artists Marina Aletsee — Frank Ballowitz — Michael Behrens — Elisabeth Brosterhus — Simone Fezer — Ursula-Maren — Fitz — Ariane Forkel — Barbara Freshwater — Alexandra Geyermann — Elena Graure-Manta — Wilfried Grootens — Jörg Hanowski — Iris Haschek — Jürgen Höpner — Masumi Igarashi — Monika Ihl — Heide Kemper — André Kestel — Katharina Kleinfeld — Henry Knye — Bernd Lichtenstein — Anja Listl — Silvia LobenhoferAlbrecht — Uta Majmudar — Elke Mank — Elvira Martens — Sina Mendler — Ursula Merker — Wolfgang Mussgnug — Stella Orlowski — Alkie Osterland — Angelika Pietsch — Susanne Precht — Ulrich Precht — Dina Priess dos Santos — Olga Pusztay — Annegrete Riebesel — Andreas Rieder — Gabriele Riester — Hermann Ritterswürden — Torsten Rötzsch — Achim & Hiltrud Schieffer — Reiner Schlestein — Christa Schmets — Heidi Schmitt — Wolfgang Schmölders — Olaf Schönherr — Antje Schröder — Susanne Sorg — Michaela Swade — Mary Sych — Ulrike UmlaufOrrom — Wilhelm Vernim — Maria Völkel — Michael F. J. Weinfurtner — Samuel Weisenborn— Hans-Jürgen Westphal — Angela Willeke

Glass Museum Immenhausen
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Opening times
Tue-Thu 10 am – 5 pm Fri-Sun 1 – 5 pm Holidays on request

Admission prices
Adults 3.50 EUR Pupils/Students 2.50 EUR Family ticket 8.00 EUR (2 adults and own children under 18)

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